Haiti Manifestasyon – “Si Privert pa prezidan, yap redwi peyi a an sann”


Deklarasyon kek Manifestan ki te pran lari a pou mande se pou Privert vinn prezidan. Yo lot kote, yon bon zanmi Privert di ke se 5Million goudes yo bay pou met manifestan sa yo deyo.


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  1. My fellow haitian, its not an other new puppet président that u need but éducation.
    Listen carefully to what i'm going to say. The only way this Country Will survive If it it's citizen are knowledgable enough to built something like à ressource based economy. If not you people are already dead. Haïti is like a baby un the trash can With nobody giving a fuck. Since you tooke your freedom.
    white countries Ben planing for your dawnfall.
    You need to drop their Gods and their beleif system. Science and technologie is the religion for the future.



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