Reyaksyon Pipo, Mickaben, Zagalo etc… Sou Kidnaping Roro Batè Djakout#1 an.


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  1. Although, the Haitians are very happy that, RoRo has returned safe.
    However, RoRo has got some explaining to do.
    Who were those two people that have got kidnapped together with RoRo in his own car?
    What business RoRo has got with those two people?
    How long since RoRo know them?
    What relationship between RoRo and them?
    Were they males or females or both?
    When the "kidnappers" kidnapped RoRo and those two other two people;where they put in the same room?
    Obviously according to RoRo himself , RoRo has seen the faces of those "kidnappers" at the time of the kidnapping and during they were shooting at RoRo ;What they looked like?
    Young, Old, Obese or skinny? How was that possible even possible that, RoRo with both hands and feet tied up, was able to reached out to his pockets for a cigarette lighter?
    How can RoRo was able to destroy a handcuffs with a cigarette lighter? Where those handcuffs made in metal or plastics?
    Is RoRo himself a smoker or he just happened to have a cigarette lighter in his pockets?
    Quite frankly, the authorities and journalists have their hands full with so many unanswered questions.
    We are very anxious to know!


  2. parol Roro yo pa fe sans non. Montaj de parol ke Roro bay Gary kimbe yo pa adityone. Yo kidnape l, yo di l ke C machine lan ke yo bezwen, Yo di l ke yo pap tire l. Poukisa yo pa jus mete misye ater e pi tou ale ak machine lan? Poukisa ler yo mete misye ater sou mornn lan, yo pat tou tire l si yo gen foli tire deyerl?  Poukisa yo tire deyerl epi misye C direction moune k ap tire deyerl yo ke li pran jus pou li rive pre yo? Poukisa yo di l ke li te anvi sove epi C yo menm ankor ki te mete l ater sou mornn lan? Si yo menote men ak pye yon moune, kijan moune sa a fe foure menl nan poch li pou li pran briker e itilize menl pou li lague tet li? DCPG supoze bat Roro jis verite a soti nan bouche li.
    Parol Roro yo plis samble ak parol moune fou, Parol blofer, parol pou woule moune nan farine.